50 States 50 Wines.

How did this come to be?  This site, ran by Jamie Gall.  Jamie started blogging about 2 years ago when she moved out to Los Angeles from Minnesota.  Her blog “MN Girl in the World” explored all things she loved about the big city of Los Angeles.

During this process she found a deep love of wine, and recently did research and discovered there were indeed wineries in all 50 states.  With her constant need of finding fun things to do, her deep appreciation for wine, and the enjoyment of visiting wineries throughout California, she thought “Is there a site that focuses on the United States wine industry?”

But not only that, focuses upon the wineries, the winemaker’s story, the wine festivals happening around town, and more?

Well, this is the goal of 50 States 50 Wines, to keep others informed about what’s happening in the wine industry throughout the US.

But have no fear, this site is truly meant for everyone.  Not just the industry professionals, but for those that have a passion for learning more about wine, and for those that have a deep love of the US.  Let the fun begin, I sure hope you will join me.



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